11 May, 2014/Imphal: KOK SAM LAI Solutions Pvt Ltd has announced the official launch of BILLStationTM, a Billing Solution software for business at Classic Hotel
Imphal on Sunday 11th May 2014 at 10:30 AM.
KOK SAM LAI Solutions Pvt Ltd will present and demonstrate yet another software/ERP system which will change the way businesses are managed in Manipur.
BILLStationTM is the third software/ERP system by KOK SAM LAI Solutions after SIMSLite (School Information Management System) and CMS (Cadet Management
System) BILLStationTM is developed with insights from various type of Business. Hence, it is not limited to a particular type of Business. With the help of BILLStationTM our customer (Business Owner) will be able to manage their Bills, Invoices, Inventory, Expenses and Ledgers etc with ease. In addition to offering customer with the software, KOK SAM LAI Solutions will also provide services to suit customer requirement. The package includes training, support, backup and even customization if required. There is a special introductory offer the first 100 customer BILLStationTM. During its testing phase,It was successfully installed and operational in some of the leading Restaurants, Departmental store, wholesale Store and Chicken centre with positive feedback. Explaining this move, the Management of the company stated that, “It is observe that there are many businesses being confined to manual book keeping which leads to error and weakens the business. We are confident that BILLStationTM will be the solution to uproot the problem which will help increase the productivity of the business.”